Eugene Police Investigate Shooting

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EUGENE, Ore. — Police are investigating an overnight shooting in Eugene that happened outside the Parkway Inn on 7th Avenue.

Witnesses told KEZI 9 News the man who was shot ran around the inn and the 7-Eleven right next to it and eventually collapsed in an alleyway.

The owner of the hotel and several neighbors reported hearing gunshots during a dispute just after midnight. When officers arrived, they say they found a man lying in the alley with a gunshot wound to his neck.

Police say they also found a nearby crime scene. They’re trying to determine how that is connected to the shooting.

Officers took two people to the police station and questioned them, but they were released.

The owner of the inn told KEZI 9 News that when he heard shots ring out, he immediately ran outside.

‘Someone came outside. I don’t know about money or drugs or whatever, and one guy got shot, and he went to the alley, and when I heard the shot I called 911,” said Paul Patel, Parkway Inn Owner.

The owner says he saw the victim lying in the alleyway bleeding. He describes him as white, in his 30s and he was wearing jeans and a green shirt. He also said in his 19 years as the owner of the inn he’s seen a lot of drug activity in the area, but he’s shocked by the shooting.

Police don’t have anyone in custody. As for the victim, he’s in stable condition at Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend. Police are not releasing his name because they are still interviewing witnesses.

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