Students React To Party Citations.


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EUGENE, Ore. –Eugene Police issue their first tickets to students violating the social host ordinance in a big party bust.

EPD says more than 100 people were at a party Monday night. Trash is still visible outside the home near the University of Oregon on Tuesday afternoon.

“We heard some people getting pretty ruckus and then we saw flashing lights,” said Gunnar Jorstad, a University of Oregon student.

Officers say they witnessed minors drinking on the street and traced them back to the home.

“I came outside and two kids were just passed out on the lawn and another kid was struggling with the cops,” said Jorstad.

“The first priority was to deal with the person who needed the medical attention,” said Kelly Putnam, EPD Crime Prevention Manager. That minor was taken to the hospital.

Officers say they then tried to enter the home, but couldn’t. They got a warrant and then students let them inside

“It obviously met the criteria for the social host ordinance there were numerous crimes occurring,” said Putnam.

Police arrested two residents, seven were cited for violation of the social host ordinance and four students got minors in possession.

A student who lives at the home wanted to remain anonymous but claims the police harassed students and made two of their girlfriends walk home alone in the dark.

“I think everyone in the house knows we would never encourage people to drink to the point they passed, but iIthink there is a better way to handle it than harass people.” explained the student.

And he says he thinks the host citation is a hefty fine. ” To charge students who are already paying rent and tuition and getting jacked up on campus prices is absurd.”

“I think what people are scared of is that they are threatening this ordinance on such a small number of people having a party.; When you hear hundreds of people gathering at a house it makes sense. Hopefully they just stick to big parties,” said Caroline Reverman, a University of Oregon student.

Still, EPD says its primary concern is the safety of the young people and hopes this big bust serves as a deterrent for students looking to throw the next big bash.

Officers spent the past month going door-to-door, letting students know about the ordinance.  They say a month was long enough for students to get up to speed on what would happen if a big party like this was held.

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  1. XoztedMama says:

    Okay, wait…really?!! Did I just see an attempted excuse of: “We already pay so much, and we are just poor students. Because of that we shouldn’t have to pay any hefty fines when we break the law. (Oh, and please ignore the fact that we can afford to throw a party and have 100 people show up… just remember that were poor students).”

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