Eugene Police Launch Party Patrols

Eugene Police patrol carEUGENE, Ore. — You can listen up, or learn the hard way by paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars in penalties.

Eugene Police is the launching the party patrols.

EPD says the combination of warmer weather and St. Patrick’s Day will likely have people in the party mood.

Officers plan to be active in the West and South University neighborhoods.

The city’s unruly gathering ordinance holds individuals and property owners accountable for rowdy events and social gatherings.

The ordinance went into effect a year ago. EPD says it has applied the ordinance 25 times, and it seems to be making a difference.

“Of those 25, there have been no repeat addresses or offenders. So those people who have been affected by it have learned and not repeated the activities,” said Lt. Carolyn Mason, Eugene Police Department.

The law applies when alcohol is served or consumed and where any two violations occur, including assault, menacing, harassment, intimidation, disorderly conduct, noise disturbance, criminal mischief, public urination or defecation, and littering.

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