Eugene Police Respond to School Threat

EUGENE, Ore. — Churchill High School went into a modified lockdown Monday after a gun threat.

A teacher heard third-hand information that two students were planning to bring guns to school on Friday and possibly harm others.

EPD says it didn’t want to wait on this threat and immediately went into action. Lieutenant Doug Mozan says the school was briefly locked down. 4J says it secured the school’s exterior doors for the entire day and went into a modified lockdown.

Both of the students were not at school Monday, so police responded to their homes. West 11th Ave. near Monroe Street was briefly closed off as officers visited one of the student’s homes.

EPD says it’s interviewing both the students, trying to determine if there was a threat and if any crimes occurred. It says so far it doesn’t appear there is a threat, and given the horrific tragedy in Connecticut, EPD says its understandable that people are on edge.

“Within seconds of our officers getting the information they took proactive steps to first of all locate the boys and to get resources here to Churchill High School,” Mozan said.

There is a school resource officer assigned to Churchill High School and that will remain, but no extra safety precautions will be taken at this time.

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