Eugene Police Search for Alleged Rapist

EUGENE, Ore. — The City of Eugene is on high alert after Eugene police say three separate rapes might have taken place near Autzen Stadium.

EPD has “very credible” information and is warning residents about a man, carrying a knife, who alleged rapped three victims.

They said the suspect is a black man, about six feet tall, 200 pounds with a muscular build and a shaved head.

So far, no victims have come forward themselves or filed charges. All the information is secondhand and not yet verified; but Eugene police said there are similarities in the information in each case.

Police also said the suspect is very dangerous.

“What is disturbing about these case the subject in the case used a knife to force himself upon the victims,” said Lt. Sam Kamkar.

Officers said they hope to learn more information in the coming days so they can proceed in this case.

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