Eugene Police Settle Into New Station

EUGENE, Ore. — Aside from some minor unpacking left to do, the Eugene Police Department is all settled into its new location off of Country Club Road.

EPD says since the move its flow of operations, routes and policing hasn’t seen any significant changes.┬áBecause the department relies on so many patrol officers that are already spread throughout the city, officers are able to tend to calls in nearly the exact same way as before.

However, there are different types of traffic and congestion concerns for those officers who are leaving from the new station.

“Both locations are subject to rush-hour traffic like anywhere else, and both locations have their own challenges,” said Lt. Doug Mozan, Eugene Police Watch Commander.

EPD says those concerns though are not enough to have a real effect on work flow. If anything, it says a safer and more functional building has increased morale and energy among patrol officers and investigators.

With a building that nearly doubles the size and functionality of their old spot at city hall, officers say their new home will only continue to foster their clean, precise police work.

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