Eugene Prepares for High Winds

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EUGENE, Ore. — The mess from Saturday’s ice storm is far from cleaned up as homes are still left in the dark and residents are still shaken up from the storm.

“It was really the most scared I’ve been in like ten years. They hit our power line, we probably had maybe six hours of branches falling,” said Darcy Duruz.

Branches and limbs cover every inch of Duruz’ yard. Now she has to prepare for another round of storms to sweep through that could take down even more trees. “I mean there’s a good likelihood there’s still a lot of branches up there and there’s a lot of branches hanging and I imagine some are going to get shook loose and it is really scary when they hit your house,” said Duruz.

Arborists said while the wind advisory means there might be high winds, they’re hopeful the area is able to make it through the storm without any wind gusts. “I hope that we don’t get high winds. If you do have high winds stay out from underneath your trees especially if you have large hangers in them,” said arborist Teresa Damron.

Damron said there are some signs you can look for to see if your tree is in danger of collapsing. “Look for hangers in your trees, large diameter limbs maybe that are eight, a foot, two feet in diameter, that have broken that are still hanging in the trees. If you have hangers in the trees you should not go underneath,” said Damron.

Other trees in town are at risk of uprooting, so if the ground beneath the tree is cracking near the roots, call a tree company right away. “If it fails further what is it going to hit, that’s what we really want to know,” said Damron.

As Darcy and her husband wait out the storm under the 54 year old tree that caused so much damage earlier this weekend, they’re hoping to be spared by this storm in order to save the tree and ultimately clean up the mess.

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