Eugene Property Tax Levy Moves Forward

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene City Council is moving forward with plans to place a property tax levy on the May ballot.

Councilors instructed the city manager to come back with wording for a ballot initiative. Before councilors voted, they listened to about an hour and a half of comments from the public, Monday night.

A number of services potentially on the chopping block spoke about what cuts would mean to their organizations. Others told councilors now is not the time to tax, asking them to find the money in other ways.

The city is facing a $6 million budget shortfall. Several people spoke at the meeting.

“You takeĀ another $20, that’sĀ for taxes. You look around, you have nothing,” said one Eugene resident.

Another resident sympathized, “I know that a majority of Eugene residents said they would be willing to pay a little more to preserve vital city services. I count myself among those residents.”

“To make this revenue measure less oppressive on poor people will bring more support,” said another Eugene resident.

“The list of, I believe, 28 services on the cut list would be a devastating blow to the human service system in the community,” said another Eugene resident.

Council must take action no later than Feb. 13 if it wants this levy on the ballot.

Earlier in the evening at a council work session, councilors also voted to table a vote on an ordinance that would have pushed a stormwater and parks fee into the budget discussion. Councilors were not in agreement. It seemed there was more time needed to discuss this issue. It’s unclear when it will be talked about again.

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  1. Postone says:

    This is an excerpt from this article: “The city is facing a 6-million-dollar budget shortfall. Several people spoke at the meeting,”

    This city counsel is talking about spending $15 million (what ever the number is, certainly in the millions) or so on a new or retrofitted City Hall!?!

    I don’t get it, if you don’t have the money how can you purchase something? Don’t give them another dime! This will not be the end of it! Make these people use their brains instead of money… Make them figure this out, because its their responsibility because generations before them caused this in the first place. There were plenty of decades when the city could have been flush but the powers that be blew the money as it came in, instead of saving and investing it!

    This is problem people, the powers that be, Mayor, City Manager, City counsel members and anyone and everyone else in power in this city do NOT care that the money they collect is TAXPAYER MONEY NOT THEIRS! All they’re concerned with is spending, spending and spending some more! Give us more money, so we can spend it irresponsibly, like we have done since the beginning of time to date!!! This is why the city of Eugene and just about every city in this nation has no money because they refuse to be “frugal” and to SAVE AND INVEST! They have to have it and they have to have it RIGHT NOW!

    We’re not just talking about services that are vital to safety. We’re talking about all services…. At some point you have to say NO, we will NOT give you anymore money! Tighten your belts and deal with it! When you get to the point where you have some extra money than and only then would you talk about spending …

    The powers that be, are irresponsible period! Stop the damn spending and do what you were elected to do, not what you want to do! It isn’t your money! And that building (City Hall) isn’t your either it belongs to the taxpayer and to the citizens of Eugene!

    This will never stop, they (powers that be) will continue to come to you for more money! Why would they do anything else if all they (powers that be) have to do is say we need more money and you give it to them!?!

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