Eugene Protest Leads to Arrest

EUGENE, Ore. — Angry protesters headed back to Free Speech Plaza after Lane County decided to put up a fence and close the plaza indefinitely.

Thursday’s protest ended with one woman handcuffed after protesters trespassed on the closed property.

The SLEEPS protesters were camped out at Free Speech Plaza for two nights when the county decided to close the plaza. It cited health and safety concerns for the closure.

The group moved to another parking lot Wednesday night and then Thursday afternoon came back to Free Speech Plaza to defy the closure. Officers asked the group to leave and all but one woman obeyed, ending in a pre-planned arrest.

The group says the arrest puts the issue in the court’s hands.

“We’re here today to say to the county you cannot take our First Amendment rights from us, you cannot shut down the protest area in Eugene and we are here in defiance and civil disobedience against your unconstitutional order,” said SLEEPS activist Jean Stacey.

The group has now moved to the federal building.

These campouts will likely continue for weeks.

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  1. Chris says:

    The arrested woman is a professional protester who gets arrested at any protest she shows up to – doesn’t matter what the protest is for or against! She just likes being arrested. However, here in Lane County, she won’t be in jail long enough to get comfortable – much less warm and fed! LOL

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