Eugene Ranks As Pet Friendly

4-13 pet friendlyEUGENE, Ore. — Dogs who live in Eugene are among the most pampered in the country, according to a new national ranking.

Livability.com ranks Eugene as the sixth most pet friendly city in the U.S. This ranking is based on the amount of dog parks, pet stores, and pet friendly trails.

The owner of Nature’s Pet Market said this ranking is not surprising, based on the amount of holistic pet food customers buy each day. “A┬álot of people actually feed their pets better than they feed themselves or their children for that matter,” said Mark Dunn, Nature’s Pet Market owner.

He said there’s also plenty to do outside with pets. “We have the bike paths along the river, we have the Amazon Canal Park. We have an hour, hour and a half drive to the ocean or the mountains,” said Dunn.

Portland is the most pet friendly according to this ranking.

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