Record Convention Filled with Rarities

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EUGENE, Ore. —  Sunday marked the 25th Annual Eugene Record Convention at the Eugene Hilton. Record enthusiasts packed the event to get their hands on thousands of collectibles.

Vinyl records have been collecting dust over the past decade and considered useless or outdated antiques; however, sales of vinyl records have made a major comeback in recent years.

“Vinyl right now is hotter than it’s been since it disappeared from the stores when CD’s came in. Now the vinyl’s coming back,” said convention organizer Dan Inman.

Many record collectors noted this convention as one of the best in the Pacific Northwest. Some vinyl enthusiasts said they traveled over 400 miles to grab the rarities offered only at this convention.

“There are 100 vendors here and I figure by the end of the day we’ll have a couple thousand people through here,” Inman said.

According to Billboard charts, vinyl sales have been rising for the past five years. There was a 17.7% increase in vinyl sales in 2012.

“Retail stores are actually clearing CD’s off their shelves and putting vinyl back in,” Inman said.

Collectors aren’t just interested in the music, the cover art and rare presses have made vinyl a real collectible.

With this blast from the past comes a different sound that record aficionados swear by.

“A lot of people know that analog sound is the best sound. And this is where you find a lot of things that are not available on MP3’s or iPods,” Inman said.

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