Eugene Residents Explore Local Parks

EUGENE, Ore. — As the weather changes, so does the scenery at many Eugene parks. A group of Eugene residents went to the Delta Ponds for an interactive nature walk Saturday.

Tour guides from the Eugene Parks and Recreation department led the walk. They pointed out beaver lodges, geese, and other wildlife around the marshland. Around one dozen people showed up for the walk.

Event organizers said the goal of the event is to educate the public on what the city parks have to offer. “It’s just a neat place to come particularly if you come seasonally. It changes with every season,” said David Walp, Eugene Parks and Recreation employee.

The city does these walks the first Saturday of each month. In March, they’ll be doing a two hour nature walk at Skinner Butte.

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  1. Aimee Goglia says:

    The next park walk will actually be on April 6th from 9-11 at Skinner’s Butte Park. Meet at Skinner’s cabin in the park located off Cheshire St.

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