Eugene Residents March Against Monsanto

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EUGENE, Ore. — Hundreds of people spent Saturday afternoon rallying against the agricultural giant Monsanto. It was all part of a nationwide protest against the biotechnology company and called for an end to genetically modified seeds, or GMOs.

Protestors said GMOs can ruin organic fields, when the wind blows them onto crops. Hundreds of people at the rally held signs urging the company to stop creating GMOs.

Others went to the rally to protest the company’s patent on its seeds; if Monsanto seeds end up in a neighboring farmer’s field, Monsanto can test the seeds and take over the land.

Others said the company genetically modifies seeds by crossing them with pesticides, killing any bugs that eat the crops. One protester said no one knows how the genetically modified food will affect humans.

“Any risk to the food that we’re eating shouldn’t be able to be produced, it should be stopped,” said Dawn Taylor, Eugene resident.

Local farmers, organic food enthusiasts and Occupy Eugene members all participated in the rally.


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  1. Warren Weisman says:

    Ha ha. Seven years in Eugene the only thing I’ve ever see this city do that was “green” was ban plastic bags.

  2. Media says:

    You know what, these damn protestors went all around town spray painting their “NO GMO” on hundreds of telephone poles and private neighborhood trash cans, and utility boxes on thursday night.. Pisses me of.. I live in Santa Clara, and they just RUINED our neighborhoods here with their VANDALISM.

    If you want to do something, do it productive, I’m all for the downfall of Monsanto, but not my neighborhood..

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