Eugene Residents React to Possible Fees

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene residents are reacting about the potential fees the city will soon explore.

Folks say they’re well aware of the city’s budget woes. But shelling out more money, especially after EWEB just raised its rates, is a hard pill to swallow for some.

“I think the last thing Eugene residents need is another fee tacked onto their already climbing utility bills,” said Eugene business owner Darrell Olson.

“It’s a tough time economically, but I think it’s reasonable to add fees to try to keep the city services, what we have, where they are,” said Eugene resident Chuck Messigner.

Most residents say they can understand the need, but new fees should be a last resort option.


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  1. Charles Moss says:

    I think they are only rearranging the deck chairs on the sinking ship

  2. jason garner says:

    I’ts not reasonable to raise fees now. Especially in a down time. Chuck, your logic does not add up. Eweb will continue to raise rates and pay employees top dollar, meanwhile the others getting paid 15-20 an hour will suffer the consequences of perpetual fee increases. Listen to me, leave the fees alone !

  3. Ron says:

    Lay more off I think The EWEB board and city council should be found face down.
    I look in the news and see 15 cops standing around with their hands in their pockets over 1 suicide. GET YOUR ASS back in your car and do something!!!!!
    Bust the cell drivers, the bikes that run stops and the pedestrians who cant read the Do not walk signs…

  4. emily says:

    Once again there is talk of more fees added to the already high price of living in this beautiful place called Eugene. The people who live here deserve to have individuals who can manage the monies they have, not use the citizens as a “safety net”. When is the utility company and city going to take responsibility for ill management of funds? We cant afford to be a “safety net” any longer!

  5. bill says:

    Lay off the fat cats you have working and doing little. Police City View BEFORE and DURING work hours in the morning..not at 11am. Ticket cell users, pedestrians who dont obey the “dont walk” signs. Bikes who run stop signs. Get rid of the 8 cops in the news standing around with their hands in their pockets at a suicide site. Stop F-ing over the people on fixed incomes..We are already getting F-ed by EWEB and now Kitty wants to F us.!!!!

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