Eugene Road Crews Prepare For Snow

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EUGENE, Ore. — Just the threat of snow had road crews out days before the storm. They’ve spent hours attacking potential problem areas and pre-treating the roads.

KEZI 9 News rode along as Eugene crews made their last rounds Thursday night trying to prevent those roads from getting messy. Maintenance workers put down an anti-icing chemical.

“It’s very effective within the general temperature ranges that we experience in the winter,” said Damon Joyner, Public Works Surface Maintenance Supervisor.

Armed with tools that depicted both the air and ground temperatures, crews went to trouble spots for drivers like the South Hills. The fresh layer of magnesium chloride will help clear the snow.

“This will help with it sticking to the street. It will start that melting process from the bottom up,” Joyner said.

Because of the quantity of snow we could see in the hills and on the valley floor, this may only be the first chemical coat.

“We will be de-icing with it perhaps as well. It just kind of depends on how the event unfolds,” said Joyner

Eugene Public Works says if more than two inches of snow falls the plows will be out on the roads.

All of its trucks will be working around the clock as needed.

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