Eugene School Parking Lots Flood

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EUGENE, Ore. —¬†Water covered several parking lots Tuesday, including the main parking lot at Buena Vista Elementary where students were dropped.

Maintenance crews worked fast to clean up the mess.

“(It was) 10 to 12 inches at some of the deepest parts. I know the water came up pretty close to the curb,” said Juan Cuadros, Buena Vista Elementary Principal.

The flooding actually started Monday night. Principal Cuadros noticed water accumulating shortly after 7 p.m.

“(The) parking lot was pretty much fairly flooded last night, so I knew that this morning was going to be somewhat flooded. I was hoping the water was going to recede,” Cuadros said.

Buena Vista was one of several schools in the 4J School District with flooded parking lots. The district says most were due to clogged drains. The problem at Buena Vista was a broken sump pump.

Maintenance crew arrived and started the clean-up process removing leaves and debris and pumping gallon after gallon.

After nearly three hours, the rain water that filled the parking lot now is now down the drain.

The water is cleared out of the parking lot. Now they just need to fix the sump pump.

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