Eugene Searches for Disc Golf Developers

EUGENE, Ore. — Plans are now in motion for the soon-to-be Alton Baker disc golf course.

The city released a request for proposal, or RFP, to potential developers Friday afternoon.

The RFP is essentially an application that potential developers will submit as a bid for the opportunity to develop the long-awaited disc golf course at Alton Baker Park.

The RFPs went out in emails to those who have expressed interest. Now, it’s up to interested contractors and individuals to prove to the city they have what it takes.

Jim Johnson with the Eugene Disc Golf Club has a few ideas of what would make a good candidate.

“The concessionaire would have to have a unique blend of some financial, not a lot, of financial backing, roots in the disc golf community, time to put into the course, and then kind of just a basic business sense,” Johnson said.

Johnson says the course will be a pay-to-play course, which is an added factor for those applying.

There will be an informational walk-through for interested applicants on September 18, when potential developers can see the proposed course map, which will be in the north end of Alton Baker Park.

Anyone interested needs turn in their RFP by October 12, and city officials say we could see building begin as soon as December.

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