Eugene Seeks Bag Ban Input

EUGENE, Ore. — It could cost you a few more cents if Eugene passes a single-use plastic bag ban.

Eugene city councilors want to hear from the public about the proposed ban. They have a lot of questions, like who should it apply to, and should there be a fee to carry out the paper ones.

It’s hard to miss all the plastic at grocery mart and some who are embarrassed to have it overcome their carts.

“I use plastic, and I feel guilty every single time that I forgot,” said Eugene resident Margarita Zecchin.

After a work session Monday night, Eugene City Council opted to move forward with a public hearing on the proposed plastic bag ban.

“I like the idea. I would like to protect our environment a little bit more,” said Eugene resident Diane Bishop.

Council wants to know what people think about the fee. If this plastic ban passed, then people would be charged five cents if they had to use paper.

“It helps to recompensate retailers for the incremental cost of plastic bag to paper bag,” said Ethan Nelson, Eugene Waste Prevention Manager.

“If they make me pay here, I will not forget,” said Margarita Zecchin.

In Corvallis, the ordinance requires businesses to impose the five-cent fee or more on paper bags.

Portland opted not to go for the five cents, and its bag ban only applies to supermarkets with $2 million or more in gross annual sales.

“I know it’s good for the environment, but everybody is already wasting,” said Springfield resident Ashley Russell.

The hearing will be at city council’s regular meeting on September 17.

If the ordinance passes, it would still be months after that before anything was implemented.

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