Local Sikh Community Reaches Out

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EUGENE, Ore. — The shooting tragedy at a Wisconsin Sikh Temple, even though it happened miles away, has hit Eugene Sikh worshipers.  Members are currently working to see how they can reach out to their brothers and sisters in Oak Creek.

Sikh members say they have talked about traveling to Oak Creek to comfort victims and their families. Whether it’s through being there or sending money, the eugene Sikh congregation hopes to turn this tragedy around and make it a teachable moment, raising awareness in the local community of what this faith is about.

“Just trying to think about what we can do to make ourselves more known, so that people don’t misunderstand who we are and don’t come up with an idea on their own that might be completely wrong,” said Sikh member Sat Pavan Kaur Khlasa.

Neighbors of the Sikh center on Hilyard St. dropped off flowers Monday. Some of them left hand-written notes with words like “Our thoughts are with you.”

The congregation is small, about 30-40 families. Members plan to attend an inter-faith service on Saturday at First Christian Church, which brings together different faith groups will come together to show solidarity. The Sikh center also plans to reach out more to the Eugene community and invite them to attend its services.

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