Eugene, Springfield Fire Engines Get New Paint

By Lauren Mickler

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene and Springfield’s fire merger combined forces, but there was never much visual proof of the combination until now.

Before, Springfield equipment was orange and blue and Eugene’s was all red and white, but both departments are moving toward a new black and red pattern.

Some trucks still need to be painted. But when they’re finished, they’ll have red bodies, black tops and a black reflective stripe.

The only difference between the two cities’ engines will be their respective decals on the doors.

“Every time we buy something, whether it’s equipment or apparatus, what we’ve done is through an evolution of input from both fire departments, we’ve gone ahead and tried to make the rigs look more similar,” said Eugene District Fire Chief Scott Bishop.

There’s currently one engine at each department bearing the new colors.

Chief Bishop says both departments try to make the engines as mechanically identical as they are cosmetically.

He says from here on out, there will be more and more visual cues of the progressing merger between Eugene and Springfield fire departments.

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