Eugene Street Bond Measure on November Ballot

EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene street bond is headed to the November ballot.

The city council voted unanimously to ask voters whether they want to extend the Eugene street bond.

Council’s move Monday night is essentially a continuance of the last bond passed in 2008.

This new bond would pay for street repairs starting in 2014 and lasting for five years.

Many residents say they understand street repairs are needed but hope the project list is efficiently prioritized.

This new bond would cost the average Eugene property owner $127 a year for five years. That’s about what homeowners paid since 2008.

“It’s a real plus for Eugene that we are really able to keep our streets in decent repair. I think that helps us be a good place to live, good place to do business, a good place to visit,” said Eugene Public Works spokesman Eric Jones.

The bond provides money needed to fix streets that the local gas tax can’t cover.

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