Eugene Street Repairs Bond Measure Proposed

EUGENE, Ore. — With a vote of seven to one, city council members displayed their interest in doing more to repair the city’s streets.

Eugene City Council members gave the go ahead Wednesday to the Public Works Department to continue their research.

Right now, the department is working on a bond measure to fix streets for the November ballot.

Many council members said they were happy with the work completed since the 2008 measure.

Fifty-four streets have been repaired, as well as more than two miles of off-street paths.

But more work is needed, and that’s where a $43 million bond proposal comes in.

And while it’s about $7 million more than the last bond, council members don’t believe that’s excessive.

“The rate, the amount, whatever, the key point is we’re not asking for more than we need. We’re asking for the minimum amount we need to keep those lines the way they need to go,” said City Councilor Chris Pryor.

The proposal will span five years and also includes $2.58 million for bicycle and pedestrian projects.

Community members can log onto the Public Works website for the complete list of proposed projects. Any suggestions for roads needing work can be directed to the Public Works Department.

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