Eugene Student Cited for Making Threat

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene Police charged a North Eugene High School freshman after he allegedly made threats to harm a teacher and class.

Because the student is a minor, his name isn’t being released. The teen is charged with disorderly conduct.

Officers found he didn’t have access to weapons, but the threat was alarming enough to be reported and investigated.


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  1. Joe says:

    Let the reactions begin. We go an e-mail from 4J today about school violence, perhaps this is the case it refers to. Lobby for stiffer gun laws and remove our constitutional rights. Yet, kids can listen to music that advocates that kind of violence. And, no one objects because it’s the First Amendment. Obama can invite these music “artists” to perform and use tax payer money to pay them. Kids can be bullied at 4J schools and administrators turn a blind eye and try to cite why the bullied are to blame. The City of Eugene allows protesters to violate the law in the name of their free speech rights with the end result being a murder. It’s time to take another look at the state of things. This isn’t a political issue, nor, is it one of education. It is one of the erosion of the U.S. value system that has caused apathy and disinterest in maintaining its intrinsic value. It’s parents, educators, elected officials, clergy and individuals that have evolved. Everyone is in it for themselves and what is good for the many is not good for the few, so, the many are excluded. We are being short changed. Arm the teachers. Now there is a refreshing idea.

  2. Zebediah 243 says:


    You are right, values have changed for the worse. But you can’t blame guns, assault weapons maybe, large capacity magazines maybe. You can’t blame music, artists, PC games, bullies, and you are nuts to blame Obama—is everything his fault—get a clue.

    Don’t teachers have enough to do educating kids, tough job and not that much pay, now you want to arm them, teach them how to use weapons and not only teach but maybe kill someone protecting them also?? Refreshing idea??

    I don’t have an answer, don’t think anybody does yet. But yours are way out of line and unrealistic at best.

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