Eugene Students Duct Tape Principal

EUGENE, Ore. — The principal and vice principal of Spencer Butte Middle School stood at a flag pole Monday, while students duct taped them to the pole.

But before you think this was a prank, it was actually all part of the plan.

Students had the goal of raising $30,000 to support school programs. The administration decided if the kids reached their ambitious fundraising goal, the principals would be taped to the pole. The kids reached the $30,000 mark without a hitch.

“I’ve done some pretty goofy things, and so it was better than dying my hair red or wearing a sumo suit, so yeah I think this is going to be my favorite one so far,” said BJ Blake, Spencer Butte Middle School Principal.

“I didn’t think they would actually let us do it, but they did,” said seventh grader Tavita Te’o.

Funds raised are for supporting staffing and programs, especially during this time when school budgets are decreasing.

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