Eugene Students Protest Lunch Option

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EUGENE, Ore. — A group of 4J School District children and their parents demanded better food choices in their school cafeteria Wednesday.

Parents and students gathered early outside Edison Elementary just before school started to voice their distaste for a recent decision to stop a local company from delivering lunches to the kids.

The kids walked back and forth holding signs in protest. They even signed plates to show their desire to be able to choose what they want to eat. Parents were supportive and wished the school and district would offer their support as well.

“We teach our kids to make healthy choices, but if they’re limited to one thing and that one thing isn’t so healthy per say, I don’t think that’s teaching our kids to make healthy choices,” said parent Christabelle Moore.

The service was cancelled just before Memorial Day. The company was forced to refund the families for all the prepaid meals.

While the caterer has already stopped delivery for this year, parents have already banded together to create a volunteer group to keep it going next fall. Instead of the caterer delivering the food, the parents will be dropping them off.

KEZI 9 News reached out to 4J officials for their response. They said they are still looking into the contract issue, but the main concern here is the potential liability posed by a commercial vendor dropping off food for distribution.


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  1. ahshucks says:

    Make the kids make their lunches. They should like what they give themselves and everybody is happy.

  2. a mom says:

    The point is that we need to have our children eating healthier food. Whether it is the parents packing the food, the school district or an outside vendor they should be offered nutritious and healthy offerings. For some of our children, the school district provides both breakfast and lunch for free or reduced prices. Unfortunately, the district is providing our children the least expensive offerings they can primarily pre-made and very processed. This in turn has been used as a cost savings measure (think of bulk lasagna, pizza on a constant rotation, fried bread sticks with syrup dip). It is unfortunate that school is not able to teach good nutrition and enforce healthy eating habits with its own offerings each morning and afternoon.
    As an aside- the vendor was donating a hefty percentage back to the school district and had a reduced price for low income families. They were also collaborating with other food businesses to offer more funding and services to the schools. A true community effort – much appreciate by this working mother.

    1. Sara says:

      What 4J is serving in its cafeterias isn’t food. I ate at the cafeteria my daughter’s first week in school and haven’t let either of my kids eat a school lunch since. There’s also a HUGE amount of food waste — they have a huge bucket for undrunk milk, which is then poured down the drain…what few fresh vegetables there are, there’s nobody telling the kids to eat them (there’s a sad little wilted “salad bar” that none of the kids go to, which is NOT the same as serving them vegetables)…no modeling of appropriate or healthy food behavior, which I guess makes sense because there’s no appropriate or healthy food.

      It’s particularly horrible for the kids who are on free or reduced price lunch. I mean, they’re getting calories, which is better than nothing, but it’s nothing like actual food. Meanwhile the principal makes close to $100K a year, plus benefits. I have yet to understand how that makes sense.

  3. RB says:

    Same old same old. Looks like nothing has changed in 50 years. They were serving the same junk when i was in school, and the kids were throwing it away, just like they do now. The schools’ lunches are bought and paid for by corporate agri-business. Our schools are totally corrupt. The “nutritionists” often employed by school districts are nothing more than shills and stooges for corporate agri-business.

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