Eugene Sunday Streets Fill Downtown

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EUGENE, Ore. — Three miles of the busy downtown streets were shut down for residents to walk, roll and bike around. Sunday was the third annual Eugene Sunday Streets event.

Downtown Eugene had it all. From live music to kids activities, people gathered downtown for Eugene Sunday Streets.

“He’s having a grand time. It looks like he’s dancing to the music,” said Lauren May, a Eugene resident.

While her son, Riff May, was dancing to the music with his mom, other kids were enjoying the food.

“I ate some delicious pizza at Sizzle Pie and had a great time so far,” said Marcos Figueroa, another Eugene resident at the event.

Both children and adults were enjoying Eugene Sunday Streets and event coordinators were happy to see it.

“This is a big attraction because you bring the community together in a safe space and there are a lot of things you can do,” said Moorea Strueby, a volunteer coordinator for the event.

Strueby says one of the goals of Eugene Sunday Streets was to provide a safe and fun environment for families and get people out into the community. She says it’s a fun way to be active.

“We want to get people on our streets, get to know their neighbors, get to know the local businesses and celebrate being active,” Strueby said.

“It’s a great opportunity for everybody to just see other people doing similar things, being active, and being out of their houses,” May said.

She says it’s also a great chance for her and her kids to bike downtown, where they normally wouldn’t because of the typical traffic.

“The whole atmosphere, it’s like a big party. It’s great,” May said.

This is the first time Eugene Sunday Streets has been held downtown. If you missed out, there will be another event in September in the Bethel neighborhood.

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