Eugene Teacher Contract Talks Underway

EUGENE, Ore.– Eugene Education Association and the 4J School District are negotiating a new contract for next school year. Talks began at 10:30am. Teachers and administrators showed up in huge numbers, and waited as members from both sides met behind closed doors.
The Eugene Education Association is asking for 0.8% cost of living adjustment that is partially paid for by union reserves and a union-paid increase for monthly health insurance premiums.
But the district says it’s dealing with budget cuts and increasing the cost of living adjustment that much will lead to layoffs in order to balance the budget.
“We desperately don’t want to cut 70 teaching positions. Through an employee compensation agreement, we want to save enough money that we would be able to retain these teachers,” said Christine Nesbit of the Eugene School District.
All the teachers are on a furlough day today. If they don’t reach an agreement by July 1, the old contract is continued for another year.

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