Eugene To Adopt 2015 Budget

budget stillEugene, Ore.– On Monday, the Eugene City Council will hold public hearings and take action on the FY15 Budget as previously approved by the Budget Committee. The city will make $1.9 million in cuts to services.

Downtown Library Reduction In Hours: $344,000
Community Events Transfer To Cultural Services Fund: $50,000
Recreation Services Fee Increase & Service Reductions: $200,000
Transfer Stormwater Services To Stormwater Fund: $605,000
Central Services Travel, Memberships & Misc.: $95,000
Equity, Human Rights, Neighborhoods & Sustainability: $350,000
Parks Maintenance: $300,000

The City Council will also hold public hearings and take action on the current fiscal year Second Supplemental Budget. This budget allocates funds for the city hall project.

Both meetings will be held at Harris Hall at 7:30pm.

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