Eugene to Allow Whoville Past Deadline

2-18 councilEUGENE, Ore. — Despite giving the homeless camp at Broadway and Hilyard 30 days to close, Eugene councilors say they will not evict those campers unless there are new resources established.

The discussion Tuesday night was all part of the council’s look at the rest stop ordinance and whether the city should extend the pilot program. One 15-person rest stop is already established and another site is approved.

The council tasked the city manager with recommending more sites for additional rest stops. That’s not expected until next week.

Until the council has the new locations selected and have provided adequate time for the site to be established, councilors say they will not evict those staying at the current Whoville camp.

“What we want to do is have a transition to someplace so the city manager with bring back a proposal of where that place will be and we’ll extend the deadline so they can make a peaceful and smooth transition over to that place,” said Alan Zelenka, Eugene City Councilor.

Councilors voted last month that the Whoville camp would have to close in 30 days.

The city’s expected to vote on extending the rest stop pilot program during next week’s council meeting.

All of the councilors agree this is not a permanent solution for the city’s homeless population.

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