Eugene To Be Featured In Documentary

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EUGENE, Ore. — A new documentary is set to feature Track Town, USA. The founder of Runner’s World magazine is celebrating 50 years of running by creating a film.

Bob Anderson is running 50 races in 2012. So it makes sense for his journey to sprint through the area.

His goal is to race at least 350 miles, averaging less than seven minutes per mile. Sunday, Anderson finished his 37th race in Eugene.

The magazine mogul said the film just wouldn’t be right without a stop in track town.

“I mean it may be Track Town, USA, but it’s also Running, USA, I mean it’s such a great, great place. There’s so much spirit. How could you not run well in Eugene, Oregon?” said Anderson.

His race Sunday was 10 miles long and he timed out at 69 minutes and 18 seconds, which meets his seven-minute goal.

Anderson’s next couple of races will be in California.

If you’d like to follow his journey or want more information on the film “A Long Run, the Movie,” click here.

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