Eugene to Discuss Skateboard Rules

EUGENE, Ore. — There could soon be new skateboard laws in Eugene. The city will meet with residents next week to discuss possible changes to the city’s rules.

Two days ago, a skateboarder was struck by a car, which led us to take a look into what the current skateboard laws are in Eugene.

The current city skateboard laws in Eugene state there’s only one place a skateboarder can legally ride a board–on city sidewalks. But not every single sidewalk in the area allows these boards.

“There’s a couple areas of downtown and campus areas you can’t skateboard in the street or on the sidewalks. There isn’t much options. Basically, you have to walk and carry your skateboards,” said Lee Shoemaker, Eugene Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator.

Shoemaker says in recent years he’s seen more people turning to skateboards and bikes for transportation, and the majority of the skateboarders he sees are in the campus and downtown areas.

“Generally, that’s where I see them and they’re riding in the bike lanes, and especially on Alder and 13th you know campus is an attraction, and that’s a good way for college students to get around town,” Lee said.

While riding in the bike lanes is currently illegal, change could soon be coming.

“We haven’t defined exactly what the law would state. Where skateboarders would be able to ride, whether they’d be able to ride on all streets or just some streets, or in bike lanes–that isn’t defined,” Lee said.

The city hopes to better define the areas where skateboarding and biking is not allowed because many skateboarders and even cyclists are cited each year for riding in zones they’re not supposed to be in.

The city will meet Monday night to discuss the skateboard and bike laws. That meeting will take place at the Eugene Downtown Library from 5:30-7 p.m.

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