Eugene to Hold Skateboard Law Discussion

EUGENE, Ore. — Less than a week after a skateboarder was critically injured in an accident, the City of Eugene is set to open up a conversation about changing city skateboard laws.

The city will lay out the three proposals Monday night. They’ll include changes to both skateboard and bike laws.

The first idea up for discussion deals with electric assisted bikes. They’re currently illegal to ride on paths, even though electric bikes are considered bikes under state law.

The bigger discussion though is skateboarding. The city will present two separate proposals.

The first is to expand the downtown bicycle and skateboard “no sidewalk riding” zone to cover new areas. Public works says this proposal is intended to improve public safety in high-pedestrian areas.

The final proposal would provide more access to skateboarders by allowing them on city streets. Current code does not allow them on the streets except when skateboarders are crossing.

The city says skateboarding is gaining in popularity, and there will only be more of a demand when the new skate park opens in the Whiteaker Neighborhood.

The public’s invited to speak at Monday night’s meeting, which happens from 5:30-7 p.m.at the downtown library. The city will then take all of that input and present it to city council when they take up this topic next year.

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