Eugene to Vote on Street Bond

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EUGENE, Ore. — Election Day is eight days away and the city of Eugene will be watching returns closely to find out what voters thought of a $43 million street repair bond.

There are 76 different street repair projects on a list. The funding for these repairs and other projects for bikers and pedestrians would last for five years. Property taxes would cover all the projects.

The sites and streets chosen for repair were picked using a criteria that combined, among other things, cost benefit information, citizen input, utility needs, and looking at what bike lanes or routes are already in pace.

If the measure passes, it would cost the average homeowner in Eugene about $127 a year–about the same as the measure that passed in 2008.

“That was why we crafted this measure specifically to take place after the current bond measure expires, so it would not create a tax burden for payers in the area,” said Chris Pryor, Eugene City Councilor.

The Eugene City Council, including the mayor, says because the 2008 bond was so successful, they feel voters will likely support this one as well.

You can find more information about Measure 20-197 in your voters pamphlet.

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