Eugene Top City for Hippies

EUGENE, Ore. — All the tie dye and VW buses are paying off for Eugene.

The city ranks first as the best city for hippies.

Estately.com, a real estate website ranked the top 17 cities in the U.S. Eugene landed at the top for its multiple Birkenstock stores, communes, sustainable living and radical political movements.

And, one person passing through came up with some other reasons that didn’t even make the list.

“They have a lot of easy access for bikes and walking and paths and everything, so it does seem like a very kind of out there, hipster community that’s healthy and, you know, Earth first,” said Brent Nicol, who is traveling through Eugene.

The city also won its high ranking for the Slug Queen contest and the annual Oregon Country Fair. Portland came in fifth on the list.

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    Disgusting just disgusting

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