Eugene Veteran Donates Paycheck to Veterans

EUGENE, Ore. — Ben Price completed three tours of duty as an airborne infantryman in the Army.

Now, he works for Rogue Ales, and he wants to use his civilian job to give back to his fellow vets.

All the money he makes along with the tips on Memorial Day this year will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

He says working at Rogue is nowhere near as tough as his old job.

“Your average day deployed in Afghanistan or Iraq is, if you’re lucky, it’s 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. That’s if you’re lucky,” Price said.

But life after the Army is still difficult, and Price says it has been just that for a lot of his friends who are now struggling to get back to a normal civilian life.

“A lot of guys just don’t feel like they have anything to look forward to. We have a high unemployment rate too, so they don’t have a job. So they have nothing else to do but sit at home and think about what they used to do and the friends they miss, and it starts to wear on them and they just can’t take it,” Price said.

Price knows a lot of organizations that help veterans in those situations — including the Wounded Warrior Project — which is where he decided to donate all the money he makes working.

“Wounded Warrior — they really focus on getting guys out of their house. If you can get a vet a job, and you can get him out doing something, that is the ideal situation,” Price said.

Price isn’t the only one donating. He asked Rogue to match his donation, which they agreed to. And then the brewery’s distributor, Columbia Distributing, along with Track Town Ales and Buckman Botanical offered to do the same.

Price says he couldn’t believe their generosity, and hopes with their help, he can make an even bigger difference.

He says he’d usually close the bar at 10 p.m. Monday night, but he says he’ll keep it open til 2 a.m. if it means raising more money for his cause.

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