Eugene’s Ordinance for Dangerous Dogs

dog ordinancesEUGENE, Ore. — A woman who says her puppy and husband were attacked by a dangerous dog in their neighborhood says she’s unhappy with the lack of punishment for this dangerous animal.

Two year old Bella is recovering from five gaping wounds in her abdomen, after a dog across the street attacked her over the weekend.

The senior animal welfare officer for Eugene says he responds to calls about dangerous dogs every day. The complaints range from dogs menacing other animals to attacks on humans and other dogs.

If a dog is found to be dangerous, it’s placed on probation for six to 12 months and has to wear a bright orange collar and always be on a leash.

“The dog owners comply to the rules, and the dogs aren’t out again, and they don’t have any violations, basically the city sets it up to where the dog’s probationary period is done and they don’t have to follow the rules anymore,” said Ted Carlson, Senior Animal Welfare Officer.

The city says a judge could order a dog to be euthanized, but that rarely happens. Many times owners will decide they’d like to put their dog down if it’s a threat to other people and animals.

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  1. Tim Corcoran says:

    The ending of a ‘probationary period” with no infractions does not imply that the “….dog’s probationary period is done and they don’t have to follow the rules anymore,” They, the dog or the people? The rules, I’ll bet, still are in force after the probationary period as they were before said period.
    Obviously, Ted Carlson, Senior Animal Welfare Officer, does not wish to follow the ‘rules’ either. It’s the way the LAW is written, Ted, your job is to enforce that law.

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