Event Hopes to Create Better Fathers

EUGENE, Ore. — A group of national and local sports icons will come together this weekend with the hopes of inspiring men to become better husbands and parents.

The weekend event is called The Man Cave. The local non-profit Jesus Signs International is putting it all together. The event is scheduled for Saturday, August 10 inside the Willamette Christian Center on West 18th Avenue.

All of the pews there are expected to be packed. Organizers hope by meeting and hearing stories from sports figures like Superbowl winning coach Tony Dungy and former Ducks coach Mike Bellotti, men can learn how to become a better influence on their kids and wives.

Former Ducks and Pro-bowl NFL punter Josh Bidwell will also be presenting. He says men and sports are a natural fit.

“I want you to be a better father, a better dad. That’s why you’re at this event. You have to cross that hurdle and just open your mind and your heart and leave here with some tools that you never had before. I think it’s only going to benefit you, your family and the community you’re involved in,” said Josh Bidwell, former NFL punter.

This is an afternoon event that includes a car show. The presentations begin at 6 p.m. with an autograph session at 5 p.m. The event is free and is non-denominational. Everyone is welcome, including women and kids.

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