EWEB Approves Rate Hike

EUGENE, Ore– It’s official, EWEB customers will be paying more for their water and electricity.

It was a packed house as the utility board gave the approval late Tuesday night.

EWEB took public comment first, but ultimately decided to push through all the rate increases unanimously.

The electric rates will go up about 4%. Those rates will go up November 2013

The water rates, will costs customers about 20% more. They will see those rates kick in in February.

The combined increase add nearly nine dollars to the average customers bill.







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  1. jason marks says:

    public comment is a waste of time… do you really think they would say, “okay, just forget it”

    EWEB needs restructured, their pork belly attitude is running everyone out of town.

    Rate hike here, rate hike here, $100K salary here, $150K salary there, new building here, waste money there…… it doesn’t stop.

  2. Shannon says:

    Jason I totally agree with you. Like the board is going to say NO let’s not increase the rates. God forbid we quit raping our captives.

    To have a job at EWEB means that you are set for life with never having to pay for anything and making one hell of a salary to boot. Boys and girls our rate increases are all about making sure that they live fat.

    And what can we, the captives of EWEB, do about it to show our displeasure? Move to Junction City or Springfield where there are different electric companies? We could always shut off our services. We have no choice but to stick our bums in the air and let them have their way with us because we are trapped. We are captives. We will continue to be raped for NECESSITIES for as long as EWEB gets to continue its monopoly over us. They are our lord and tyrant and there isnt a damn thing we can do.

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