EWEB Crews to Replace Water Main

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s summer. It’s a season of sun and fun. And road construction.

The dry weather gives crews a chance to tackle some construction work.

EWEB will tear up the streets at Willakenzie and Coburg roads to replace an old water main.

EWEB says a lot of the city’s water utilities infrastructure was installed after WWII. Those pipes reached the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced.

Doing the work now, as temperatures begin to rise, is really important to preventing breaks and more trouble.

“Those pipes will start to expand, and that’s when you’ll start to see cracks and breaks in the main line. When you have a crack or a break in a main line, especially if it’s a main line under a busy intersection, you have a lot of problems,” said EWEB spokesperson Joe Harwood.

To alleviate traffic issues at the busy corner, the work will be done overnight.

As a part of the work, the stoplights will be turned off and be replaced by four-way flagging.

While night work will minimize traffic disruptions, Harwood reminds you to plan your commute around the construction and drive through the intersection cautiously.

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