EWEB Crews to Work Through Rain and Wind

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EUGENE, Ore. — With wind and rain in the forecast, utility crews are still working nonstop to get power restored in the area.

EWEB says power has been restored for most of its customers. As of Tuesday evening, 800 customers are without power.

Crews throughout the area are still working around the clock to get power back on, and they’ll continue to work through the night.

It took more than half the day to get lines back up on a narrow road just off Lorane Highway.

Crews are asking residents to be patient, now that they’re working on some of their most difficult repairs. They’re fixing lines and replacing broken poles, and the forecasted rain and wind isn’t going to make things any easier.

“Our employees are going to be in a very dangerous situation. In general, they’re in dangerous situations, and they are trained to keep themselves safe. But if they start hearing trees or branches coming down, we will have to unfortunately pull them off the job because we do not want to injure or kill our employees,” said Roger Gray, EWEB General Manager.

EWEB says these linemen are dealing with high voltages at high heights and safety is a priority.

If you’re using a generator, EWEB is asking that you make sure your main breaker is open and you’re not directly linking your home to your generator.┬áThere’s a risk that electricity could end up backfeeding and potentially electrocuting crew members working to get their power back on.

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