EWEB Helps Restore Power on East Coast

NEWARK, NJ — Western Oregonians are already getting to work helping Hurricane Sandy’s victims.

EWEB sent about a dozen linemen to New Jersey, one of the areas hit hardest.

KEZI talked to two of them over the phone who are based about 40 miles inland. When asked about reports of some people being hostile toward utility crews, they told KEZI that’s the opposite of what they’re seeing.

“Once they hear we’re from Oregon, they’re just happy that we’re here. Haven’t heard one person say anything rude or anything at all except ‘Thank you.’ I was absolutely shocked by that,” said Mark Hankins, EWEB lineman.

“People are so gracious to us. Everybody just comes up and they’ll say, ‘Hey, thank you very much. We appreciate all the hard work you’re doing,'” said John LaTourette, EWEB lineman.

The EWEB crews initially thought they’d be in New Jersey for 10 days or so. Now it looks like they might stay through Thanksgiving.

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