EWEB Riverfront Property for Sale

Riverfront SketchEUGENE, Ore. — It’s said to be commercial property that could transform the face of Eugene and it’s finally going up for sale.

The 27-acre EWEB property stretches from the DeFazio Bridge, all the way to the University of Oregon.

Officials at EWEB and the city say they’ve spent the last six years coming up with The Master Plan, which developers must follow if they want to buy the land.

The vision is to turn it into a mixed use property, which includes retail, office space, and residential space. EWEB says it’s similar to Crescent Village in Eugene off Coburg Road and Crescent.

“What we’re looking for is a qualified development team who has the experience and savvy and financial capacity to take a project that’s this complex and large and turn it into something that meets the master plan and community vision for this property,” said Jeannine Parisi, community relations coordinator with EWEB.

The Eugene Chamber of Commerce says downtown has been in an upswing and this adds to the momentum.

EWEB says it doesn’t have a price tag on the property at the moment but they’ll have a better idea in a few months once developers start the request qualifications.

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