EWEB Warns Customers of Phishing Scam

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Water & Electric Board says its customers should be wary of a phishing scam.

EWEB says the scammer contacts customers by phone and attempts to convince them to wire money to a bogus business. They claim to work for EWEB and asks the customer of make the payment to avoid any interruption of service.

The customer is then asked to go to a location that offers Western Union services to wire the money. The customer is asked to call an out-of-area phone number when they arrive at the location so the scammer could tell where to wire the money.

EWEB says they never ask customers to wire money if they are behind on their electric and water bills. If a customer has fallen behind on payment, they receive reminders through the mail or, in extreme cases, a notice on their front door. Only after a receives a notice on the door EWEB will contact the customer by phone in an attempt to avoid interruption.

At least two customers have been contacted since Friday.

Customers who receive calls from the scammer should hang up and call EWEB at (541) 685-7000.

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