Ex-Convicts Pay it Forward for Wattiers

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EUGENE, Ore. — It’s a happening place for biscuits and gravy. Cinnamon rolls, too!¬†You can’t miss the Streets Cart at West 6th Avenue and Lincoln Street in downtown Eugene.

The big red cart is getting ready to celebrate one year in business.

“I guess in a nutshell what we are about, other than good food, is helping people out,” said Juston Swan, Streets Cart manager.

Streets Cart is a unique nonprofit helping ex-felons learn valuable life skills.

Michelle Harrison has been working in the kitchen for eight months.

“They gave me the chance to work here and get some job experiences under my belt,” Harrison said.

A former heroin addict–that’s behind her. She’s been clean for two year and proud of it.

She and the other employees who work at Streets Cart all spent time in the Lane County Jail. They personally know Deputy Drew Wattier.

“He’s just a big heart, big spirited person and really friendly. He doesn’t treat people like dirt. They’re bad or judgmental. He just looks at them like they need help,” Harrison said.

“Drew may not remember me but I remember him. He’s a very memorable guy. You know I had been through that county jail a number of different times. He’s just one of those guy. He’s just a good guy,” Swan said.

Swan, also an ex-felon, is paying that goodness forward by hosting a fundraiser to help Drew and his wife Michelle injured in a hit-and-run in Mexico.

They’re baking up a storm this Saturday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. One-hundred percent of the proceeds along with donations will go to the Wattiers to help with hospital bills.

They’re hoping cars driving by will stop for good food and a good cause.

Streets Cart is located on West 6th Avenue and Lincoln Street.

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