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EUGENE, Ore. — Many Americans are getting letters in the mail detailing how their current individual health care plans will be changing.

If you’ve received one of those letters from your insurance provider, it doesn’t mean your plan is cancelled. It just means your coverage is changing.

That’s because the plans don’t provide the minimum level of coverage required under the new Affordable Care Act. But for many Americans like Kelly Fenley, those changes place a burden on her family.

Fenley, a mother of three, says she was baffled when she received a letter in the mail detailing her health coverage changes.

“I got a letter that not only were they discontinuing my plan because of the Affordable Health Care Act, but my new similar plan would bump the premium from $413 up to $686 dollars,” Fenley said.

Fenley says she’s pretty detail oriented and should be able to figure out the right solution for her family, but she’s worried for others.

“The average American is going to look at this and go what in the world am I supposed to do here? It’s very confusing,” Fenley said.

Fenley has been on the Cover Oregon website many times, crunching numbers and comparing plans. She’s still figuring out which plan is the right fit for her family, but she says all of her options so far take more money out of her family’s pocket.

“So far, it just seems like I’m, no matter what I do, I’m going to be paying a lot more for a lot less,” Fenley said.

“There is some collateral damage some people are going to have to pay more. And while that’s unfortunate we wish we could address that and make that not the case so far there hasn’t been a clear way to do that,” said Davis, Lane County Health Spokesman.

Davis says the point of Cover Oregon is to get everyone access to health coverage, which means some people will have to pay more. And that’s something Fenley says she might have to face in order for the system to work.

“Conservative people would want is that everyone pay their fair share, right? And then a lot of people on the other side of the aisle would say we want to make sure everyone is provided for. And then somewhere in the middle we have to come together and actually find a solution,” Davis said.

The governor of Oregon will hold a press conference Friday to talk about new efforts to help Oregonians get enrolled in Cover Oregon. The site is not up and running yet. He says they’ve already hired more customer service reps to help. You can fill out an online application that will automatically enroll you once that part of the site is working.

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  1. ahshucks says:

    Cover Oregon and Obama care has been a lie since inception. Obama promised you could keep your insurance and doctor if you wanted to. PERIOD!! That’s the Lie/Fraud to the people. Now the governor is going to come out and try to sell the program which may be more lies.

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