Experts Appraise SVdP Donations

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EUGENE, Ore. — They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. St. Vincent de Paul knows that firsthand, after local appraisers came in to look at recent donations.

Sometimes St. Vincent de Paul receives very generous donations like elaborate pieces of furniture or art. So they call in the experts to find out how much it’s really worth.

The typical person would loos at these items and maybe admire their beauty, but appraiser Randeen Cummings-Nelson looks at them and sees a story, along with a hidden price tag.

On Tuesday, she came in to look at five items, from furniture to art, even a unique Chinese liquor cabinet.

“It was probably built just after prohibition in probably the early ’20s. It’s a carved method where they put clay over the wood then paint and lacquer it. They inlay mother of pearl,” Cummings-Nelson said.

“It’s exciting and it’s fun because we see so many piece that pass through an organization like this of unknown origin. To have some things pulled out that have substantial value to them, it’s kind of like the Antique Roadshow,” said Terry McDonald, St. Vincent de Paul Executive Director.

St. Vincent de Paul says with so many items that come through, sometimes they miss valuable ones. Wednesday’s findings ranged anywhere from $700 to $10,000.

Most of the pieces will be sold at one of their retail sites or online, but some of them that are worth so much will be taken to auction.

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