Explosion at West Eugene Home

house explosionEUGENE, Ore. — Crews are responding to an explosion inside a west Eugene home.

Fire crews were called out at about 8 a.m. Friday after reports of an explosion.

The Eugene Police Department says the two people inside the home got out safely along with their dogs, and it doesn’t appear they have any injuries.

Police have taped off the area and aren’t letting people go near it. Officers aren’t going inside for fear there are more explosive devices inside.

“This is a standard procedure for any kind of explosion. If we encounter IED or a bomb or whatever our typical response is 300 feet meters or 300 yards so it just depends on what we find,” said Carolyn Masson of the Eugene Police Department.

EPD says investigators with bomb suits will be going inside to make sure everything is safe.

We’ll have more on this explosion on KEZI 9 News at 6 p.m.

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