Extreme Fire Danger Still Present

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VENETA, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Forestry says fire danger is the highest it’s been all year. It’s usually cooler and wetter, which is why ODF is warning hunters.

ODF says it’s already been a very bad fire season and now it’s October and the fire danger level has been raised to extreme. The Industrial Fire Level is also at its highest.

Forestry managers say don’t be misled by the low temperatures. They really don’t affect fires. It’s humidity, and ours is as low as it’s been all year.

ODF worries about hunters who aren’t aware of the severity of the situation and aren’t used to fire danger being an issue this time of year. Hunting on private property is shut down and it’s restricted on public land.

Campfires are only allowed in major campgrounds with hosts.

“Whether it be a cigarette being thrown out of a car, somebody who is out in the middle of the woods who gets cold and starts a warming fire, those are all big concerns of ours right now, exhaust from vehicles offroad,” said Link Smith, Oregon Department of Forestry spokesperson.

We, however, did catch a prescribed burn near Veneta. BLM says it has a small window and the conditions were perfect for its burn on wetland and grasslands. It says that burn will help reduce the risk of wildfires

The Department of Forestry also says that this much brown at this time is uncommon. Outdoor debris burning remains prohibited in most areas of the state.

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