Facebook Helps Police Find Suspects

EUGENE, Ore. — Facebook helps Eugene Police locate two burglary suspects near the University of Oregon campus.

Twenty-year-old Heather Hamilton and her 17-year-old Washington relative were arrested earlier this week on burglary charges.

According to Eugene Police, it is still not known how the two suspects gained entry into the very well secured Skybox Apartments.

Police say thanks to a great description from a witness and clues and tips from Facebook they were able to locate Hamilton and her male relative.

Police say social media plays a major role in bringing criminals to justice.

“Having social media just expands the community and it makes it more likely that you could get tips and identify suspects. It has become a nice new tool for police and the community to use to make the community safer,” said EPD spokesperson Melinda McLaughlin.

Hamilton and her relative are facing burglary in the first degree and conspiracy charges.

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