Fair Goers Feed the Hungry

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EUGENE, Ore. — A lot of the people who went through the Lane County Fair gates Sunday brought food to donate.

From 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., anyone who brought three cans got into the fair for free. The drive collected more than 21,000 pounds of food.

Truckloads of donated food arrived at the Food For Lane County warehouse in Eugene. Each pallet weighed an estimated 1,000 pounds–many of them coming in closer to 1,200. Fair goers filled up 17 pallets.

The canned food will come in handy. Food For Lane County says the number of people needing assistance is up 7 percent from last fiscal year. In all, 73,000 people in Lane County rely on food boxes and other service to make ends meet.

“The Lane County Fair drive comes at a critical time…traditionally every summer we see a downturn in donations ,and this really carries us through,” said Alicia Hines of Food For Lane County.

Last year, Food For Lane County had only four weeks of food in the warehouse at this time. This year, it’s in a better position with five-and-a-half weeks worth of food. Still, the goal is eight to nine weeks of food.

The next series of food drives will be relatively small, kicking off when school starts. After that, the next major food drive is the letter carriers’ drive, which gets under way in December.

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